“LOST LEONARDO” awarded fiscal sponsorship from FRACTURED ATLAS

Help Fund the “Lost Leonardo” Sculpture

HOW: I’ve been awarded the opportunity under the fiscal sponsorship program of FRACTURED ATLAS to re-create “Leonardo da Vinci’s BATTLE OF ANGHIARI” in a life-size sculptural. This means that each sponsor who donates to the project will receive a legal, tax-deduction under their 501(c)(3) tax status.

BACKGROUND: The “Battle of Anghiari” is considered by many to be Leonardo Di Vinci’s best work that was never seen. Believed to be lost and buried by other paintings the original fresco depicts a violent assembly of men on horseback fighting in a battle.
GOAL: My goal is to re-create the image in sculptural form. To do this, I’ll travel from Los Angeles to Alameda, California joining a group of artists for a intense animal anatomy study from live sources.

ANTICIPATED RESULTS: The result of the plein-air study: several works created including pencil sketches and small sculpted maquettes. As this project gets funded, money raised will cover expenses related to travel, drawing and sculpting supplies, framing, mold-making, and bronze pours of the final works.

BECOME A SPONSOR: There are many ways to donate and become a sponsor of this project. More info to come soon!