Preview the Hercules Bronze Statue

Los Angeles sculptor, Chris Ingram has been commissioned by graphic novel giant, Radical Publishing to create the Company’s very first limited edition statue of their most popular hero, Hercules. More information on how to purchase this collectible can be found by Contacting the Artist (click here). The statue is based on the iconic cover art by comic book hall of famer, Jim Steranko, for HERCULES: THE THRACIAN WARS.  The statue, cast in solid bronze, stands atop a solid marble base; measuring 23 inches (58.3 cm) tall. The black marble base is 12 inches wide (30.48 cm).

For this extremely limited run, only 25 casts of the statue will be made. Of these, three will be studio proofs and two will be artist’s proofs. The remaining 20 will be available for purchase, with each one numbered and signed by the artist. Each statue will then be individually wrapped in suede, carefully nestled in a hand-poured clamshell and placed in an exquisitely crafted brass handled wooden box.

*** UPDATE: As of 04/15/2013 *** To answer the many inquires we are getting: YES, there are statues available. Contact the artist with a zip code, and how you found this page, then we can calculate the total cost. It takes 6~8 weeks from casting to shipment. Payment can be made through PayPal.

HOW WAS IT MADE? Click here to see the whole step-by-step process. Or to see the artwork close up, click on a photo below to see the full size image (click below).

Click here to see the whole step-by-step process.

Contacting the Artist (click here)

Note: This is the image behind the movie with Duane Johnson (“The Rock”), scheduled to be released very soon.