Digital Art

In the late 80’s I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop, although they didn’t call it that (see History of Photoshop). It came with a large scanner and I still remember the little MAC computer that the University had sitting in the corner of the computer lab running the software that allowed for photo re-touching. Teaching myself the program at school then would later came in handy, as it helped me score my first web design job. I interviewed at a company on Wilshire called, MAC TEMPS (they might even still be around)?! They had a ‘test’ to see how well people knew Photoshop, and asked me to give it a shot. According to their management, I was the first person to accomplish the color correction phase of the test in the time alloted. In fact I finished way ahead of their window. When asked how I was able to finish the test so quickly, I said, “Easier if I show you.” So I proceeded to take the original image and color correct it in front of them. They actually told me I was doing it incorrectly, using features of Photoshop that were not meant for color correction, but my result more than passed their test. They said with those skills they could place me as a web artist with FOX, where I would get to work on (among other things), the first X-Files web site which included  “Experience the Intrigue” an interactive part of the web site that allowed users to chat via IRC and participate as FBI agents in their own game, all done over the web. Winners of the game got prizes. We thought it was pretty sweet back in ’97.

Below are mostly just sketches, and fun things I think of from time to time. Enjoy!