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For Entertainment Corporations:

Chris Ingram Studios – Creating sculptures for individuals, corporations and public commissions.  We also serve the entertainment community’s needs for replicating objects and figures with detail-oriented precision. Sculpting services include:

– Prototypes – Maquettes – Busts – Product Design
– Lost Wax Bronze – Polystone – Translucent Acrylic

For Individuals: can make your artistic vision a reality. We can create a three dimensional bronze sculpture of your baby, family member, beloved animal companion or create an exceptional sculpture to adorn your pool, garden or home. What you can imagine, we can make real.

Ancient Bronze Process:

All of our bronze sculptures are created using the ancient “lost bronze” technique created around 500 BC by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.  Made to last centuries, this brilliant technique captures every detail and line of the subject’s expression.

First, Chris sculpts a detailed clay model, which captures the physical detail and essence of the subject. Then he covers it with wax. The wax covering will show what the finished sculpture will look like. The “model is then encased in a heat-resistant mold (mainly clay) and secured with metal rods that pierce through into the clay center. Then molten bronze is poured into the mold over and over again until all the wax is gone and all that remains is a beautiful bronze sculpture. Chris then polishes the sculpture multiple times until it is perfect in every way.  Depending on the subject, different patinas (clear tints) can be used to enhance and highlight the beauty, drama and detail of the piece – color for the hair, a hint of ruby for the cheeks or a gold tinted belt etc. The last stage is a liquid seal which is brushed on the piece and then hand polished multiple times ensuring the sculpture’s ageless beauty. Every step of the process, Chris will show you the piece for feedback and approval.

Chris can be contacted via the form above.